• Pk Crème Contour Yeux Et Lèvres Biofixine Flacon+etui 15ml Rvb Hd
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Crème Contour des Yeux et Lèvres Biofixine

Crème Contour Yeux et Lèvres Biofixine conceals wrinkles, prevents their appearance and limits further weakening of the skin while respecting the natural appearance of the face.

Adapted to all Skin Instants©, it deeply moisturizes the fragile skin of the eye and lip contour. Thanks to its numerous anti-aging active ingredients, the skin is immediately smoothed and lifted while filling in wrinkles.

This treatment is specifically formulated for the eye and lip contour to reveal the beauty of the eyes and reshape the lips.


Free from fragrance, parabens, silicones and SLS

Retail size available: 15ml

Professional size available: 50ml