• Crème Hydravit's 50ml Rvb Hd

Crème Hydravit’S

Crème Hydravit’S will work on several levels to provide intense, immediate and lasting hydration to the epidermis. Its moisturizing active ingredients instantly boost the skin’s water content. They will also stabilize and strengthen the epidermal barrier to retain this water in the upper layers of the epidermis. This makes them a veritable water reservoir that the skin can draw from as necessary throughout the day. This provides ideal hydration to the skin and repairs even the driest areas on the face. Thus soothed, it will feel comfortable and soft. With its revitalizing active ingredients, this product will also improve the skin’s radiance. These active ingredients will reactivate cellular metabolism to regenerate skin and recharge it. They will also have an antioxidant effect to protect cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. Thus, re-energized and protected, the skin will be more luminous and revitalized.

Crème Hydravit’S is an intense moisturizer that promotes cellular renewal in order to give skin comfort and energy and restore a radiant complexion.


Free from fragrance, silicones, parabens and SLS

Retail size available: 50ml

Professional size available: 100ml