• Pk Emulsion Rénovatrice Mains 75ml Rvb Hd

Emulsion Rénovatrice Mains

Emulsion Rénovatrice Mains: Hydrating and renovating cream for hands.

Acting as a genuine shield against harsh weather conditions, Emulsion Rénovatrice Mains is a protecting and repairing treatment. Its comprehensive formula acts on all fronts to moisturize, replenish lipids and protect the skin. A duo of hydrating active ingredients continuously traps and retains water and forms a highly hydrating protective film on the skin’s surface, strengthening skin barrier protection against dehydration.

Also featuring lipid-replenishing and protective active ingredients, this treatment deeply repairs the skin and compensates for the fat deficiencies of the epidermis. It has an ultra-comfortable, enveloping and creamy texture for visibly moisturized, regenerated and reconditioned hands.


Free from artificial fragrance, parabens, SLS, silicones

Retail size available: 75ml

Professional size available: 200ml