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Feel Well

Feel Well is designed for those suffering from gastrointestinal distress. Combining a healthy dose of easy-to-digest collagen protein with the most effective gut-healing ingredients and enzymes, Feel Well is formulated to soothe and relieve your gut.

  • Over 20g of Collagen Protein per serve may promote cellular renewal, healthy bones, joints, and skin
  • L-glutamine to improve the intestinal lining, decrease inflammation, reduce symptoms of IBS, and heal leaky gut
  • Magnesium Glycinate supports nervous system health and can reduce stress
  • Apple pectin, a soluble fibre helps improve cholesterol, gut health and bowel stability, while soothing digestion as it binds to probiotics
  • Bacillus Coagulans probiotic, a beneficial bacterium, helps ease IBS symptoms, reduces bloating and pain, and supports the microbiome and immune system
  • Digestive enzymes to aid in nutrient absorption and improve digestion of food
  • Soothing aloe vera and chamomile to relieve inflammation
  • Natural peppermint leaf to help soothe the digestive tract



Mix 3 scoops with water and consume on an empty stomach

20g of Collagen Protein Per Serve