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  • Lait Vip O2 250ml New Low

Lait VIP O2

A genuine anti-pollution cleanser and makeup remover, purifies the skin from particulate pollutants, which can be smaller than the pores of the skin. With its purifying action, this cleanser helps eliminate urban pollutants and neutralise toxins which accumulate on the surface of the skin tissue. With high concentrations of bio-active ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, Lait VIP O2 perfectly removes make-up, helping your skin ‘breathe’ with oxygen boosting actives. Detoxifying ingredients work by chelating to heavy metals to facilitate their removal, while also preventing oxidation from free radicals. Anti-pollution ingredients neutralise fine toxic micro particles and hydrocarbons from industrial combustion and car exhaust preventing them penetrating the skin. Lait VIP O2 will leave your complexion fresh, radiant, perfectly cleansed with no residue.


Free from parabens, silicones, artificial fragrance, SLS

Retail sizes available: 50ml, 150ml and 250ml

Professional size available: 500ml