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Masque PIGM 400

Masque PIGM 400 is a brightening and radiance boosting sheet-mask.

Skin that lacks radiance can look dull, making someone appear older than they are. Dark marks and irregularities often go hand-in-hand, as the skin lacks both radiance and uniformity.

Its formula, containing a high concentration of brightening active ingredients stabilised Vitamin C, Dulse (seaweed) extract, A-Glycan and radiance giving Caviar Lime Extract plus exceptional anti-oxidants, combined with the perfect Lyocell sheet-mask medium, Masque PIGM 400 restores the skin’s radiance like no other.

Signs of fatigue are instantly smoothed away and erased, just 20 minutes after application, while the skin’s initial radiance is restored.

Its innovative Lyocell medium is the result of a new technology turning wood into cellulose fiber. Softer than silk and extremely absorbent, the mask perfectly adapts to the contours of the face, enabling optimum diffusion of the active ingredients.

Retail size available: 1 box of 4 masks

Professional size available: pack of 10 masks