• Pk Masque Vivant 100ml Rvb Hd (1)

Masque Vivant

One of our most famous masks, Masque Vivant is purifying, balancing and revitalising. Containing high concentrations of the famous Biologique Recherche Yeast Extract, gives this mask a unique colour, texture and smell. Australian beauties liken this mask to the famous yeast spread, Vegemite. The Biologique Recherche Yeast Extract helps to encourage beneficial epidermal microflora to crowd out P.Acnes bacteria. Rich in B group vitamins, this Yeast Extract helps to regulate sebum secretions, revitalise epidermal functions and revives your complexion.


Free from artificial fragrance, parabens, silicones SLS

Retail size available: 100ml

Professional sizes available: 250ml and 500ml