• Pk Sérum A Glyca 30ml Rvb Hd
  • Pk Sérum A Glyca 8ml Rvb Hd

Sérum A-Glyca

The Serum A-Glyca is a genuinely innovative serum that targets the glycation reaction (which causes wrinkles and premature skin aging). Due to its formula that is rich in anti-glycation active ingredients (mimosa and carcinine), it prevents this phenomenon by way of substitution but also reverses it through deglycation. The glycation reaction can be prevented and counteracted with a gain of 2 years of glycation in 2 months of use. It will reduce wrinkles and improve the evenness of the complexion.


Free from fragrance, parabens, silicones and SLS

Retail sizes available: 8ml and 30ml

Professional size available: 125ml