• Pk Sérum De Teint N°2 Flacon + étui Hd Rvb
  • Pk Sérum De Teint N°2 Flacon Hd Rvb
  • Pk Sérum De Teint N2 Texture 2 30ml Rvb Hd

Sérum de Teint n°2

More than a tinted serum, a treatment and protection for the skin

The Sérum de Teint come in five different shades with each product having a precise combination of natural mineral pigments to create the ideal tint for each skin tone.

Furthermore, the products target three major issues related to skin protection:

  • Anti-pollution, antioxidant and blue light damage caused by our modern lifestyles
  • Long lasting moisture for the skin to maintain its barrier function at a maximum
  • Unifying the complexion with mineral pigments for ultra sheer optimum hold and results. A transparent natural finish designed to look like clean healthy skin, neither matte nor dewy.

Containing protecting, antioxidant and anti-pollution active ingredients to help create a ‘shield’ at the skin’s surface to protect against urban particulate pollutants, hydrocarbons and free radicals induced by blue light and infrared radiation. The skin is durably moisturised and protected against harsh external factors.

The complexion is more even, bright for a guaranteed ‘healthy glow’ effect. Long-lasting moisturising formula, non-greasy and non- comedogenic.

Designed for a effortlessly chic Parisienne no-makeup look.


Free from fragrance, silicones, parabens and SLS

Retail size available: 30 ml

Professional size available: 30ml