10 Beauty Mistakes


Our top 10 beauty mistakes, are you making them?

Mistake 1: Using a foaming cleanser or any type of lathering cleanser.

Especially before Lotion P50. Foaming/gel cleansers can destabilise the skins barrier and alter the pH. This means that the skin is left exposed and is not in the correct state to receive any active ingredients. A milk based cleanser will help keep the pH and barrier in a healthy range and allow the skin to best receive further products.


Mistake 2: Not removing makeup (especially eye makeup) before bed.

Sleeping with makeup on can cause breakouts and clog pores, so always take off your makeup before going to sleep. Also, not using a proper eye make up remover can mean that mascara particles can accumulate in the tear ducts, yuck!


Mistake 3: Neglecting to clean your makeup brushes after every use.

Dirty brushes can lead to bacterial infections and breakouts, so make sure to clean them regularly. Buy some makeup brush cleanser to spray on a tissue and clean after each use then once per week give them a shampoo.


Mistake 4: Forgetting to care for your neck and décolleté.

Extend your skincare routine to your neck and chest area, as they are often exposed to the sun and can show signs of aging. Did you know the skin on your neck and décolleté is thinner and drier than that of your face, you need to care for it differently.


Mistake 5: Trusting random skincare advice from social media.

It’s essential to seek advice from professionals rather than relying on misinformation from strangers on social media. Your skin is individual and what works for one does not necessarily work for another. Understanding your individual skin needs is essential for picking the right products that work for you.


Mistake 6: Using your fingers to apply product.

Avoid dipping your fingers into jars, as this can transfer bacteria and oil to your products. Use a spatula or fresh cotton swab instead.


Mistake 7: Failing to clean your mobile phone regularly.

Your phone harbors bacteria that can cause breakouts, so make sure to wipe it down regularly.


Mistake 8: Thinking that home products will replace professional facial treatments or that treatments replace home care.

They need to go together. You need professional facials to achieve greater improvements and treat the skin at a deeper level, then support the results with regular home care to maintain.


Mistake 9: Never changing your skincare routine.

Your skin changes with hormones, diet, stress, sleep, the seasons and over time, so be open to trying new products and adjusting your routine accordingly.


Mistake 10: Not changing your pillowcase frequently enough.

Your pillowcase can harbour bacteria, especially if you don’t wash your hair every night before bed (who does). Your hair is full of product, oils and pollution from throughout the day which is then rubbed all over your pillowcase when you sleep. Your face is touching this fabric for 8 hours. You should sleep on a silk pillow case and change it every couple of days.


Avoiding these beauty mistakes can help you achieve healthy and glowing skin. Remember to seek professional advice, protect your skin from the sun, drink lots of water and take care of your skin from head to toe.