7 Best Summer Destinations in France

Discover the best Summer Destinations in France for an unforgettable Experience.


Are you dreaming of a warm summer break?

As the summer season approaches, it’s time to embark on a journey and let me take you to France.

Rich history, beautiful landscapes, delicious cuisine and vibrant culture, France offers a lot of options for an unforgettable summer. Whether you are looking for picturesque beaches, charming countryside, city adventure, France is one of the best destinations.



The French Riviera: sun and Mediterranean

The French Riviera, also known as the Côte d’Azur, is a glamorous and picturesque region located on the southeastern coast of France, along the Mediterranean Sea. Beautiful beaches, sunny climate and vibrant nightlife, what more could we ask for a perfect holiday?

The iconic cities of Nice, Cannes, and Saint-Tropez offer stunning beaches, exquisite dining experiences, and world-class shopping.

But the Coast also has its pearls of tranquility, to be savoured without moderation. Don’t miss the towns of Antibes and Menton with their historic old town, sandy beaches, colourful buildings, it’s breathtaking.



The Calanques Of Cassis Near Marseille In The South Of France

Provence: sea, mountains and lavender fields

For a more serene and idyllic escape, the region of Provence presents an enchanting blend of natural beauty, quaint villages, and aromatic la

vender fields. Steeped in history and culture this region has a lot to offer. Aix-en-Provence, the birthplace of the painter Paul Cézanne offers several museums, Avignon is famous for the Palace of the Papes and its bridge (in reference to a famous children’s song).

The capital of the region, Marseille, is a multicultural city with a rich maritime story. It’s also the starting point of a series of stunning limestone cliffs and deep inlets that stretch along the Mediterranean coastline from Marseille to Cassis, The Calanques.

But Provence is also a hinterland of lavender fields, olive groves and vineyards, don’t miss the vibrant colours of the Luberon region.



Granit Rose

Brittany: nature, beaches and emerald green sea

Brittany, also known as Bretagne in French, is a region located in the northwest part of France. It is known for its rugged coastline, charming villages, Celtic heritage, music festivals and unique cultural traditions.

The city of Saint Malo, surrounded by fortified walls is worth a visit. And you are not far from Mont Saint-Michel, a must to do. (Technically located in the neighbouring region of Normandy, Mont Saint-Michel is easily accessible from Brittany). Architectural marvel, panoramic views, charming atmosphere, Mont Saint-Michel’s location on a rocky island makes it a truly unique destination. The surrounding bay features vast mudflats, which are exposed during low tide, and the view of the island rising above the water is simply mesmerizing.

And I can’t write this article without speaking of Finistère, where I am from, this department in Brittany offers stunning coastal scenery and picturesque fishing villages. It is known for its dramatic cliffs, sandy beaches, and charming towns like, Douarnenez, Quimper and Concarneau. Finistère is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, with opportunities for hiking, sailing, surfing …

My favourite place? Take a boat or sail to the islands of Les Glénans, a protected area with turquoise water, dolphins, abundant marine life, diverse range of flora and birdlife, nature walks, snorkelling… This is my happy place!

Brittany is also known for the wild coast of Quiberon will delight the amateurs of surfing. The Pink Granite Coast, with its turquoise water, is like a corner of paradise… Brittany is a captivating destination.



The Basque Country: surfing, nature and wild atmosphere

Shared between France and Spain, this region is unique. A very strong cultural identity, a gastronomy to die for, musical traditions and folk dances.

Bayonne, Biarritz, and Saint-Jean-de-Luz are popular destinations known for their picturesque landscapes, historic architecture and very famous spots for surf.

The Basque Country offers diverse natural landscapes, including mountains (you are in the Pyrennees Mountains), forests, and coastal areas. It is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, providing opportunities for hiking, surfing, cycling, and exploring nature reserves.






Corsica, island of beauty

No words to explain this paradise, Corsica carries well its name of island of beauty. Corsica offers diverse and breathtaking landscapes. From white sandy beaches and turquoise waters to rugged mountains, deep valleys, and lush forests, the island offers a paradise for nature lovers. The famous GR20 hiking trail traverses the island, allowing hikers to explore its stunning natural scenery. Discover the warm hospitality of the Corsican people and immerse yourself in the island’s unique culture, traditions, and way of life.







Saint Emilion Bordeaux


Wine enthusiasts and gastronomes will find their haven in Bordeaux. Nestled in the heart of the famed wine region, Bordeaux offers a delightful blend of wine culture, elegant architecture, and exceptional cuisine. Explore the charming historic district, stroll along the Garonne River, and visit renowned vineyards for wine tastings. Don’t miss the opportunity to savour gourmet dishes paired with exquisite local wines at Michelin-starred restaurants. Bordeaux is the perfect destination for a sophisticated and indulgent summer escape.






This list will not be complete without adding Paris. Paris is always a good idea and summer in Paris is even better. The Parisians and their bad mood left, the city is yours, stroll along the Seine, indulge in delectable French pastries at local cafés, and experience the vibrant atmosphere of the Latin Quarter. Summer in Paris also means open-air concerts, festivals, and captivating outdoor activities.


Have a good trip!