10 French Beauty Secrets

French women like to take care of themselves. They use quality skincare products and visit the spa for facials or body treatments. They don’t wear a lot of makeup and prefer to enhance their natural beauty. The French also treat themselves to beautiful lingerie and luxury perfume as a way to practice self-care.

Do something for yourself every day that will make you happy.

French women also know that age has nothing to do with our style and that you can be as stylish at 60 as you were in your younger years. The secret is all about confidence in knowing who you are and wearing the appropriate clothes. French women know you can be chic no matter your age.

Try to look polished and refined. Do not run around in yoga pants all-day (it’s allowed if you are doing yoga) and wear what makes you confident and beautiful !

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10 French Beauty Secrets from French Girls

1/ Adopt the “French Diet”

The first French beauty secret is that your diet heavily influences your skin’s beauty. French women know that eating healthy gives them glowing skin and shiny hair. That’s why they integrate whole foods and fresh fruits and vegetables into their diet as often as they can. You are what you eat! French women, in general, eat a pretty balanced diet, and in addition, limit their consumption of sugary foods. Thereby, this diet is providing all the nutrients (vitamins and minerals) that are not only good for the health but also for the skin.

2/ Leave your hair alone

First, avoid blow-drying your hair especially if you’re washing your hair every day. Simply wash your hair before bed and sleep on damp hair. You’ll get that naturally tousled texture and gorgeous body and shape when you wake up. Another tip is to use a dry shampoo to avoid washing your hair too often or to give volume to thin hair. Finally, stop using any hair product which contains silicone: it’s not a natural ingredient and its side effects are bad for the hair. Instead, you can find plenty of silicone-free shampoos and conditioners.

3/ Keep your Makeup Simple and Natural

It’s one of the key French beauty secrets if you’ve always wanted to look like a true Parisian girl. French women don’t rely on makeup but instead, they are using makeup just to enhance their natural features. French everyday makeup look isn’t over-sculpted or too transformative and needs to remain natural and minimalist. In France, makeup is really used to emphasize your natural beauty, rather than cover your entire face like a mask. The secret is to skip the foundation. Indeed, the coverage of the foundation is way too heavy. Instead, simply use a concealer where necessary (under the eyes, around the nose) or a lightweight tinted moisturizer. The goal of the French makeup is not to cover or to hide, but to highlight certain features.

4/ Wear a bold Red Lip

The secret to getting a bold French red lip is to find a colour that suits you and apply it with your finger to give it a more natural-looking application. It’s probably not something that we wear every day but most of the time for special days and nights out. When French women go for red lipstick, usually the complexion needs to remain very natural, which allows them to wear very intense and bold red lips.

5/ Take Skincare very seriously

French women take skincare very seriously, not only for great skin today but for great skin in the future. The French will always seek up for qualitative (maybe expensive) beauty products. They use to stick with what they know works instead of changing their skincare beauty routine every week. The French use sunscreens, balms, micellar waters, serums, and even dry oil to help take care of their skin. Basically, if you take care of your skin, your complexion will look amazing even without makeup.

6/ Pick a signature fragrance

For French women, perfume isn’t something you save for special occasions. Instead, spritzing perfume is usually part of the morning beauty routine. French women find a signature scent and stick with it for years. The tip is to spray a small amount behind the ears, on the back of your neck, and on the wrists.

7/ Treat Yourself

In France, it’s all about taking time for yourself to do things that you know will make you happy. For example, cooking a delicious meal, getting a facial, taking a long bath, or reading a book before bedtime. In addition, French women take the time for pampering, whether it’s just a relaxing bath at home, a massage, or a face mask. French women, in general, are obsessed with face masks and face massages that help to maintain a healthy glow and relieve facial stress. Don’t forget to treat yourself and that beauty is something that always should give you pleasure!

8/ Embrace Imperfections and wrinkles

The small gap in your smile (see beauty Vanessa Paradis for proof that beautiful doesn’t mean perfect), the natural wave in your hair, freckled skin, striking eyebrows, a tiny scar or a distinctive nose – these as signs of character and should be embraced without the traditional ideals of perfection. Accept the signs that you’ve lived and laughed. A wrinkle here? Who cares. Aging is perfectly normal in France and while women take steps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles using anti-aging creams, they rarely do anything too drastic.

9/ Use a milk cleanser

Use a milk cleanser – every French woman knows that bubbles only belong in her champagne (served on ice at the start of an evening – merci).

10/ Never look too perfect

Be polished but never look like you tried too hard or took too long. French beauty is all about avoiding looking too perfect. Note to self: Use makeup to seem more interesting instead of just more beautiful.