What makes a Parisienne so stylish?

The French style, or rather the Parisian style, is known all over the world. Often imitated but never equalled, the Parisian style is much more than a clothing style, the French touch is an attitude!

The French woman is chic, elegant, a bit nonchalant… a kind of natural class!

For decades the French woman is a myth: Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Ines de la Fressange, Francoise Hardy… and the myth continues with simple and modern women: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Caroline de Maigret, Jeanne Damas, Audrey Tautou, Leila Bekhti, Soni Rolland and many others represent the icons of French style. And let’s not forget our favourite designers: Chanel, Dior, Lanvin, Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, Céline…

“Less is more”, the Parisian woman wants to be beautiful but gives the impression that she has not made any effort. It’s the same for your make up and for your hair… Be natural but not neglected.

What makes a Parisienne so stylish?

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1/ Master the Chic and Casual Look, in French “chic-décontracté”

Parisian women love to mix casual and dress-up pieces. Be chic while being comfortable. Mixing genres, a leather skirt with sneakers, a strict black dress with a blazer, dress pants with a tee shirt, jeans with pumps…

The casual chic look owes its success to its great capacity for customization and the fact that it is equally suitable for the office and during leisure time. If it was once unthinkable to go to work with blue jeans and sneakers, it has now become a standard in most sectors.

La Parisienne never goes out in total look, it is one of the basic rules. She mixes, assembles and associates designer clothes with H&M. This is also Parisian chic.

2/ Wear the « Masculin-Féminin » Look

The “Masculin-Féminin” or boyish look has become a must. Symbol of femininity and sophisticated casualness, this style gives a modern and glamorous look and that’s what we want!

Take a look in your man’s dressing room or go shopping in the men’s department and dare to wear a leather blazer with a nice dress, an oversized man’s shirt with jeans, smoking pants with a silk blouse … the possibilities are numerous.

Do not forget the accessories to feminize the outfit, handbag, a beautiful pair of earrings, a belt and this is the opportunity to wear your most beautiful lipstick!

3/ Jeans are fashion

Parisians all have one or more jeans in their wardrobe. Perfectly cut, elegant, relaxed, flattering and comfortable, this fashion piece will adapt perfectly to your style.

Pair it with a loose wool sweater, a patterned t-shirt or a masculine white shirt for a classic chic look!

4/ Invest in timeless pieces 

The little black dress, the trench coat, well-cut jeans, simple and elegant handbag, la Parisienne invests in timeless pieces to be chic! Always!

And don’t forget one of the most iconic pieces of the Parisian wardrobe, the Marinière. Originally from Brittany, this striped top is most often worn casually, combined with jeans or casual pants.

As for the choice of the handbag, it can be large or small, of sober colour and raw material. The Parisian loves the bucket bag. The great fashion is to walk around with a small bag accompanied by a tote bag, on which will be printed a drawing or a claiming or funny quote.

5/ Choose neutral colours

Black, white, navy blue, grey. In Paris, you will not see many women wearing a lot of colours or anything too flashy. You can bring a few touches of colour with the accessories but it remains discreet. Do not wear more than 2 or 3 colours at the same time.

6/ Be sexy without being too sexy!

Parisians are known for their sex appeal, but they achieve it without showing too much skin. They don’t throw their sexuality in your face. The rule is not to show too much of your legs, cleavage at the same time. If you’re trying too obviously to look sexy, it’s usually less sexy, ironically. Too much cleavage is not common in Paris.

And the rule is: The shorter the skirt, the lower the heels 😊

7/ Follow the Parisian code

Gym clothes are for the gym!

8/ Wear white sneakers

Sneakers are essential for wandering around the capital. Whether it’s for climbing the beautiful alleys of Montmartre, shopping, strolling in the trendy Marais district or simply walking along the banks of the Seine, the white pair is essential, chic and comfortable, it illuminates any look.

9/ Small details are important

A typical Parisian look is often a minimalist, natural and effortless outfit: “less is more”. That’s why every accessory, timeless, is important. Hats, handbags and sunglasses are essential! (hats but not a berets, it’s a cliché, French people don’t wear beret!) They will provide you with the little detail that will make the beauty and charm of your everyday look a concentrate of trends and fun.

10/ Find your own style

Parisians have a strong sense of fashion style, and strong personalities as well! Even if Parisiennes love their basics and do not mind sharing them with half of the women in Paris, yet they also want to be unique and put a lot of effort into that.