Our top tips for glowing skin before, during and after a flight?

Are you going overseas for the holiday Season?

Our top tips for glowing skin before, during and after a flight

Long-haul flights to and from Australia wreak havoc on your skin. During a plane trip, our skin can be weakened by low humidity, recycled air in combination with the pressurised cabin means we risk seeing small pimples appear, puffiness/ fluid retention dry hands, chapped lips, dull skin, dehydration lines and an impaired barrier… Did you know that an airplanes air-conditioning system conducts pressurised air from the compressor section of the engines? Did you ever notice the smell of aviation gas before take-off? Imagine what these toxins are doing to your skin on a long-haul flight.

Maintaining a beautiful skin after a plane trip is possible, follow our advice below and you will be radiant for your holiday!

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Before the flight

Prepare and hydrate your skin.

  • Drink water and avoid alcohol, (you will have the opportunity to have some Margaritas once you arrive at your destination!)
  • Have a hydrating facial before your flight to ensure your barrier is in top condition to withstand the dry plane atmosphere.
  • The morning of your flight cleanse well with a Milk Cleanser to respect the pH of your skin and apply a mask. Masque Visolastine+, Masque Biosensible and Masque Biofixine are great options.
  • Hydration, hydration and hydration again! Apply your favourite hydrating serum and crème before you fly. Tip: Crème Masque Vernix is a great option to lock in moisture.
  • Apply Fluide VIP O2 finishing serum, this will add oxygen, trap and chelate with hydrocarbons and chemicals in the air while locking in moisture.

Unsure which products are right for you? Book a Skin Instant Lab diagnosis for a personalised product prescription and treatment plan


During the flight

Humidity in an airplane is very low, and your face, hands and lips quickly become dry. When the skin is exposed to extreme conditions or changes, the sebaceous glands try to compensate for the lack of moisture and the skin can become oily. The golden rule is to moisturize your skin while traveling.

  • Hydrate your lips several times during the trip with our moisturizing balm Biokiss

Biokiss provides complete care for even the most damaged lips. This moisturising balm is formulated to help reduce fine vertical lips lines, dehydration wrinkles and cracks, leaving you with smooth and soft lips. ⠀

L’Eauxygenante, it’s the essential product during your flight, loved by Flight Attendants the world over! ! Spray the mist all over your face, neck and décolleté to protect your skin and leave it glowing, hydrated and energised. Use it often through the flight, it has our famous oxygenating complexe to compensate for the low oxygen cabin environment.

  • Hydrate your hands whenever you feel the need.

Emulsion Rénovatrice Mains: Hydrating and renovating cream for hands.

Fedua hand creams

  • Don’t use toilet water on your face!!! Pack our Eau Micellaire Biosensible 50ml (cabin size) and some cotton rounds in your carry on luggage to cleanse without water
  • Drink our Skin Glow Tea during the flight (you can bring some tea bags with you) and try to get some sleep – if you are prone to puffiness the 8ml Liposmose Serum is a must have to reduce tired eyes and have you looking well rested on your arrival.

Our VIP O2 amenities kits is your perfect carry-on plane companion. The VIP O2 range is very oxygenating, hydrating and will protect your skin from the chemicals in the cabin air.

After the flight

After landing, we usually feel tired. There is less oxygen in an airplane than on the ground, our blood absorbs less oxygen at this height that’s why we feel tired. Blood accumulates in our legs and feet and we can experience water retention which can lead to bags around the eyes.

  • Walk to get the blood flowing
  • Wash your face with cold water and clean it properly

Biologique Recherche Cleansers contain active ingredients that initiate the treatment process and leave the skin soft and refreshed.

Masque PIGM 400 is a brightening and radiance boosting sheet-mask. Signs of fatigue are instantly smoothed away and erased, just 20 minutes after application, while the skin’s initial radiance is restored.

Patchs Défatigants perfectly adhere to the eye contour area. Immediately, puffiness is reduced, the skin is smoothed and wrinkles and lines are less visible.

  • Hydrate your skin with a serum and/or a cream.
  • Massage your legs from the feet to the top of the tights with the Biologique Recherche Huile Jambes Légères following with Crème Défatigante to provide an immediate refreshing effect and to relieve the feeling of heavy legs. Our Body Massage Glove is a great way to help get the lymph and fluid moving after prolonged sitting.

Have a good flight!