• Creme Msr H Corps

Crème MSR-H Corps

Crème MSR-H Corps: Hydrating anti-aging body cream.

An alternative, phytoestrogen-free anti-aging product, Crème MSR-H Corps is specially formulated to take into account the changes made to the figure and skin when hormonal activity stops.

Thanks to its redensifying and rebalancing action, it helps remedy skin imbalances and offset the epidermal and dermal deficiencies that occur before, during, and after menopause. The skin recovers its elasticity, is firmer and more toned.

Its lipid-restoring and hydrating active ingredients, known to promote intercellular cohesion, reinforce the epidermal barrier function, which can then retain water more easily. It provides skin with intense, lasting hydration to fight skin dryness, which is often significant during this period.

Last but not least, its antioxidant active ingredients protect the skin from external attack and combat the natural cutaneous hormonal skin aging process.


Free from artificial fragrance, parabens, SLS, silicones

Retail size available: 200ml

Professional size available: 500ml