• Pk Crème Msr H 50ml Rvb Hd

Crème MSR-H

Crème MSR-H contains a high concentration of active ingredients that fight the menopause’s physiological effects on the skin. It helps remedy the skin imbalances caused by hormonal skin aging and femininity.

Thanks to its dermo-regenerating action, it makes skin firm, elastic and supple. This helps smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Its lipid-restoring and hydrating active ingredients, known to promote intercellular cohesion, reinforce the epidermal barrier function, which can then retain water more easily. It provides skin with intense, lasting hydration to fight skin dryness, which is often significant during this period. Sensations of tightness are reduced.

Finally, its antioxidant active ingredients protect the skin from oxidative stress, slowing cutaneous aging. Pre/post-menopausal Skin Instants© regain their balance and skin feels comfortable for a comprehensive effect.


Free from fragrance, parabens, silicones and SLS

Retail size available: 50ml

Professional size available: 100ml