• Pk Emulsion Gel Biosensible 50ml Rvb Hd

Emulsion Gel Biosensible

Emulsion Gel Biosensible restores and soothes fragile epidermises. With its unique texture, it provides skin with incomparable hydration and nutrition. Enriched with soothing active ingredients, it acts on the main pathways of skin inflammation by reducing redness. Its moisturizing and lipid-restoring action platforms work together to add water to the epidermis and to retain a sufficient quantity to maintain the optimal water level for skin tissue. Defective hydrolipidic film is restored and skin barrier is strengthened to help the skin better protect itself against everyday stimuli. Its antioxidant active ingredients enable it to protect skin from external factors: Pomegranate extract helps combat cellular oxidative stress and Vitamin E protects the lipids of the cell membranes from the damage caused by free radical formation.


Free from fragrance, parabens, silicones and SLS

Retail size available: 50ml

Professional size available: 100ml