What exactly is pigmentation ?

Hyper-pigmentation is the over secretion and uneven distribution of melanin, as well as an accumulation of lipofuscin (oxidized lipids and proteins) in the upper layers of the skin (epidermis).

The melanocytes (pigment producing cells) are octopus shaped cells that make melanin in a process called melanogenesis upon exposure to UV or factors that have been stimulated by internal causes, like hormones or inflammation. These melanin producing cells, then use their ‘octopus like arms’ deliver melanosomes (packets of melanin) to the surrounding skin cells. The melanin producing cells are located in the bottom layer of the epidermis this means that 70% of pigmentation spots are superficial. In this case it is easier to treat and alter their appearance in the surface. When there is inflammation or disruption to the base of the epidermis the melanocyte can poke the little ‘octopus arms’ through the epidermal/dermal junction and deposit packets of melanin deeper in the dermis. This is more difficult to treat topically.

All skin types can be susceptible to irregular pigmentation seen as freckles, solar lentigo (sun spots), melasma (hormones), ‘liver spots’ (lipofuscin) Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation (scarring, acne). Biologique Recherche have diagnostic machines, the VisioLab, that can help your trained therapist diagnose the type and depth of your pigmentation.




This natural phenomenon of hyperpigmentation is often caused by

  • Exposure to the sun (63% of pigment spots are due to the sun)
  • Hormone imbalances including pregnancy and the contraceptive pill (24% of spots are due to hormones)
  • The passing of time – Lipofuscin (oxidised cellular waste) accumulation from ageing process
  • Medications
  • Inflammation

New research shows that Advanced Glycation End products (AGE) can also trigger hyperpigmentation. Glycation is primarily known for its role in the production of wrinkles; it leads to the rigidification of dermal fibres, thus affecting its functionality. However a scientific paper in 20161 shows a link between glycation and pigmentation. AGEs are capable of binding to the melanocyte receptors and stimulating melanin synthesis.



What can we do to unify our natural pigment for a homogenous complexion?

Biologique Recherche have developed a comprehensive range targeted to the treatment of irregular pigmentation; several strategies are used in our range to treat the appearance of irregular pigmentation marks:

  • Reinforce prevention: integrate a broad spectrum, high sun protection factor (SPF) against UVA and UVB rays which activate the synthesis of melanin.
  • Enhance exfoliation: this process helps lighten the marks by eliminating the melanin present in the upper layers of the epidermis.
  • Limit oxidation: anti-free radical substances help reduce oxidation which plays an important role in all aging and pigmentation phenomena.
  • Inhibit excessive melanogenesis with targeted active ingredients to limit the over-production of melanin.
  • Prevent the accumulation of Lipofuscin and cellular waste
  • Prevent and reduce glycation


Biologique Recherche Solution:

Biologique Recherche has developed a comprehensive range targeted to the treatment of irregular pigmentation. Several strategies are used in our range to treat the appearance of irregular pigmentation marks.

Our PIGM 400 Range uses active ingredients that are natural or bioavailable compounds which can act in two ways:

  • At a cell level by reducing the number of melanin producing cells or by blocking the transfer of melanin to the skin cells.
  • At a biochemical level by blocking the tyrosinase enzyme, a key component in melanin synthesis process.

Lotion P50 Pigm 400 150ml LowPk Masque Pigm 400 Rvb HdPk µ Fill Pigm 400 étui Sachet Rvb HdPk Sérum Pigm 400 30ml Rvb HdPk Crème Pigm 400 Rvb HdPk Emulsion Mains Pigm 400 75ml Rvb Hd (1)


1/Lotion P50 PIGM 400

Lotion P50 PIGM 400 is a gentle exfoliating lotion that is ideal for dull complexions with hyperpigmentation marks. It enhances epidermal renewal and helps regulate melanin synthesis while respecting and protecting the skin. It balances the pH on the skin’s surface and improves the strength and quality of the epidermis. This is a complete solution that helps to recover a luminous and radiant skin with an even and lightened complexion.


Complexe of AHA’s, BHA’s and PHA’s to enhance shedding of surface pigmentated cells giving radiance and improved light reflections.

Apple Cider Vinegar with purifying and astringent properties

Niacinamide to prevent melanin transfer to skin cells


2/Masque PIGM 400

Masque PIGM 400 is a brightening and radiance booster masque for dull and pigmented skin. This highly concentrated formula with exceptional brightening and antioxidant active ingredients, helps to improve the overall appearance of the complexion by working on the skin’s luminosity and evening out any irregularities in pigmentation.


Stabilised Vitamin C as powerful antioxidant and tyrosinase inhibitor

Dulse seaweed extract to assist in treating uneven pigmentation spots by preventing excessive melanogenesis

A- Glucan Detox stimulates breakdown of pigmented cells, contributing to their detoxification

Caviar Lime Extract – gentle AHA to help shed surface pigmented cells


3/µ-Fill PIGM 400

These patches adhere to the skin and are covered with micro-cones that stick deep into the epidermis to release their brightening active ingredients as close as possible to melanin producing cells to visibly reduce the intensity of the pigmentation mark. This innovation enables the in-depth treatment of localised pigmentation irregularities.

The micro-cones in these single-use patches are made up of 100% hyaluronic acid, solidified anti- melanogenesis, anti-glycation and antioxidant active ingredients. They are capable of penetrating the deepest layers of the epidermis, where they dissolve completely to release and disseminate active ingredients as close as possible to the melanocytes.


Hexylresorcinol (an ester from hexyl alcohol & lauric acid) produces an antioxidant effect to protect cells & control melanin production. Skin is brighter and more even.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) Acts on lipid and protein synthesis and helps inhibit the transfer of melanosomes to the keratinocytes. Also helps to lighten and protect the skin from oxidative stress.

Tranexamic acid to limit inflammatory reactions that can trigger melanin production and prevent their formation.

L-Carnosine is a peptide known for anti-glycation and antioxidant actions to prevent the AGE binding to melanocytes

Vitamin C which has powerful antioxidant and protective effects, reduces the oxidation of the proteins responsible for pigmentation marks.


4/ Sérum PIGM 400

Sérum PIGM 400 prevents and reduces the appearance of pigmentation marks while limiting the appearance of new marks on the face. It reduces irregularities and brightens the complexion. It also has antioxidant properties to combat cellular aging. It controls the accumulation of lipofuscin thanks to its six concentrated active ingredients. It acts on four stages of the melanogenesis process and on the regulation of melanosomes by controlling their size, number, maturation and migration.


Peptides: prevent the migration, maturation, multiplication of melanocytes 9pigment producing cells) and is a powerful tyrosinase inhibitor to stop the excessive production of melanin

Antioxidants: anti-free radical substances help reduce oxidation which plays an important role in all aging and pigmentation phenomena


5/Crème PIGM 400

Crème PIGM 400 provides immediate action. Like the serum from the same range, it prevents pigmentation marks and reduces the intensity of existing marks while limiting the appearance of new marks on the face. It also evens out the complexion and reduces irregularities. Its anti-free radical action also helps combat cellular aging. This treatment acts on three stages of the melanogenesis process and helps regulate the accumulation of lipofuscin which causes the pigmentation marks.


Young Watercress shoots and plump pulp extract: prevents/limits the appearance of new spots. Unifies the complexion and reduces irregularity.

Pure Genistein from soybeans: prevents to excess production of melanin

Wasabi and Vitamin E: Antioxidant


6/ Emulsion Mains PIGM 400

Emulsion Mains PIGM 400 unifies and reduces irregularities and immediately brightens the appearance of the hands. It also reduces the appearance of existing pigmentation marks while limiting the appearance of new marks. It regenerates, restructures and reconditions the epidermis.



Biologique Recherche also have a complete range of only in clinic products and treatment options to diagnose and treat your individual pigment concerns, as there are many different types and causes of irregular pigmentation we invite you to contact your nearest Biologique Recherche centre for a personalised program and advice to treat your specific pigmentation concerns.