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Crème Grand Millésime

Crème Grand Millésime restores the skin’s radiance and helps prevent the signs of aging and fatigue. Its regenerating and brightening active ingredients help promote cellular renewal to genuinely revitalize the skin. Fruit acids stimulate the desquamation process of the skin’s superficial layers, while Mimosa Tenuiflora extract provides in-depth action to regenerate supportive tissue and reactivate cell metabolism. Its brightening active ingredients stimulate and oxygenate skin cells so that the skin regains its radiance. As a result, Crème Grand Millésime brightens the complexion to give it a more rested look. Enriched with moisturizing active ingredients, it provides the skin with comfort, elasticity and suppleness to smooth any wrinkles and fine lines. The skin is protected against external stress factors (wind, cold, etc.) likely to accelerate its dehydration.


Free from fragrance, parabens, silicones and SLS

Retail size available: 50ml

Professional size available: 100ml